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  1. Can I amend my booking after placing an order?

    • Yes, you can of course do so if the device has not been shipped out yet. Just contact us and we'll make the necessary arrangements.
  2. Can I cancel my order?

    • If the Customer orders an Equipment and cancels the order after it is shipped but before it is received, the Customer will be charged for shipping. Cancellation after the Equipment is received by the Customer is prohibited.
  3. Can I pick up my MiFi few days before my departure?

    • Your MiFi will be delivered to you one day prior to your departure, unless you are willing to pay for extra days Device is also require to be return is 1 day after you returned to U.S. For example, if you booked for June 16 to 20, you will receive your MiFi on June 15, and return date will be on June 21 before 1830.
  4. How do I calculate the days of rental period?

    • Rental period means the number of days between the departure date and the return date.
  5. How do I make a reservation?

    • Please register at our website www.travel-mifi.com and make your choices then proceed to make payment with your credit/or debit card.
  6. How do I return the MiFi at the end of my rental period?

    • Please use the envelope provided by our company and bring the device to any of the local FedEx shipping store.
  7. How do I use the device?

    • It is just like connecting to any WiFi hotspot. The SSID and password is either on the screen or at the back of the MiFi. Please use your device to search for the SSID and enter the password to connect.
  8. How fast is the connection?

    • It really depends on your destination. Most of the connection will be on 4G/LTE network. If 4G is not available in a particular area, then you will be connected to the 3G network.
  9. How much is the shipping cost?

    • Standard Shipping Fee for both ways is $29.99/order. Packge will be sent by FedEx Ground Delvery Servie (USA Domestic).
  10. Is there a minimum days to rent MiFi?

    • Yes. You must minimum rent 7 days.
  11. Is there any limits on the data usage?

    • It depends on the country and also package you choose. Some countries provide unlimited data usage but the rate at which you use the data stay within the Fair Usage Policy. All telecom companies that offer unlimited internet access require you to follow this policy.
  12. My smartphone only has 3G connection, will it work for my phone?

    • Yes.
  13. What can I use it for?

    • Keep in touch with friends and family and stay up to date (Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp, Skype etc) • Use for map navigation (Waze, Google map etc) • Use to check local information such as bus schedule, weather, announcements and much more
  14. What forms of payments do you accept?

    • Visa & Master (debit and credit).
  15. What if I lose or damage the device?

    • You will be responsible for replacement cost if you damage or lose the device. Please refer to the Rental Contracts and Terms of Service page when placing an order.
  16. What if I returned the device late?

    • From the end of the rental period, the Customer has three (3) business days to return the Equipment to VOCOM. Late fees begin to accrue on the fourth (4th) business day after the rental period ends.
  17. What if I want to extend my rental period?

    • Just get in touch with us ahead of time, so we can make the necessary arrangements.
  18. What is a MiFi?

    • MiFi is a portable broadband device that is capable of becoming a personal hotspot. Mifi allows multiple users/devices to connect to it and share a 3G or 4G mobile broadband Internet connection. The name MiFi is thought to stand for "my WiFi."
  19. When should I book?

    • The sooner the better to be sure of availability. An order for Equipment must be placed by the Customer before twelve (12) PM PST (Pacific Standard Time) Monday to Friday (no orders are processed on weekends) in order to be prepared for standard or overnight delivery options. If the Customer's order for the Equipment arrives after twelve (12) PM PST, then the Equipment order will be considered to be placed on the next business day. Standard delivery takes 3-5 buiness days to arrive. Standard delivery dates are business days (non-holidays) Monday through Friday. Saturday delivery is available at additional cost.
  20. When will I receive the device?

    • You will receive your device 1 day before your trip
  21. Who can use a Mifi?

    • Anyone who travels overseas and needs to go online constantly; Business traveler, tour groups, individual or family on vacation.
  22. Why do I need a Mifi?

    • To save cost on international data roaming charges. No more shock bill for data usage after overseas trip. • Cost can be even lower when a Mifi is shared among traveling partners. • Enjoy internet connection almost everywhere you go. No more looking around for free Wifi at café and restaurant.
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